Course Information

In our courses you will learn all the necessary knowledge to safely handle a firearm.

Key topics we discuss are:

  • Styles of Firearms
  • Calibers
  • Safe Handling of Various Styles of Firearms
  • Safety Rules
  • Transportation of Firearms
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • On Field Experience
  • Risks
  • Process of Licence Applications
  • Gun Ownership

Adult: $125 (Save $50)

Minor: $65 (Save $60)

12 – 17 years old

Courses typically run for duration of 3 hours. You will be required to sit exam at end of the course. On completion of passing the exam you will be issued within 3 working days a certificate of satisfactory completion for you to submit to the Firearms Registry to continue the process in obtaining your firearms licence.
Prerequisites To be eligible in obtaining a firearms licence you must be an Australian Citizen.

Please ensure you bring proof of photo identification and the P650 form filled out.

How to get a Firearms Licence?

Courses are held in Pitt Town, NSW